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Rainbow-Acey has started a donation pool!
2,034 / 2,400
Saving up points for point commission purchasing!
Points to spend: 1875.

:bulletpink: Point commissions :bulletpink:
If you'd like me to draw you something, just ask! I prefer comments, mostly because they show other people I am active here on dA.
I have no set prices because I think if you want art from me, you should get art from me. This means even if you're poor pointswise, I will still do a point commission for you.
I will not draw: fanart, fancharacters/"fan OCs", mech, nudity, furries, ponies, bases, adoptables, any fetish that isn't listed(ropes/gags, feet, inflation...nope).
What does this leave, you may ask... I WILL draw: you, your OC, your pet, your friends, your family members. Very simple. If you have questions, again, leave me a comment.

:noes: :la: :dummy: :horns: :love: :shrug: :faint: :grump: :o :aww: :lol: :stare: :salute: :woohoo:

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List of stuff to work on!

1. Work on KS comic.
2. Work on fanart -by which I mean make some art for CaptainQuick and Willdabeast :meow:
3. Work on Tox Chronicles. Seriously. It could be done in five more chapters.
4. Update old art so that your watchers get lots of random updates in their deviation inboxes.
5. Attempt to finish Pious and the Demons. It should be easy.
6. Prune Nuclear Winds and edit the folder. Fix Carla's name to be Cassandra.
7. Don't start new projects. Seriously.
8. Maybe get back into writing JSEs.

I wasn't tagged but I felt like doing this anyway. I'm not gonna tag anybody because I watch only two people whose ocs are special to me.

(OC meme, pt 3: Nuclear Winds ocs.)

1. Introduce Yourselves
Lima: Lima Canolli. My family is Indian-Italian, and yes, I know how to cook.
Cassandra Macintosh. I like to tell people I'm in a long line of Macintoshes that invented the Mac computer :lol: (it isn't true)
Maurice: Maurice Sandoval. I suppose you could call me Murray.
Shane: Shane Craven, of the Russian band Deadbox. If you haven't noticed, speaking Russian is not my profession. I had to teach the boys English. And the lady Spanish ;)

2. What is your favorite food?

Lima: Pasta. It's difficult to make now that we're in a nuclear apocalypse :/ I guess it means I can lose weight, though.
Cassandra: Beef jerky. Mr. Pibb. Barbecued ribs. A1 sauce. Cheezwiz... :meow:
Maurice: steamed veggies, preferably broccoli. Corn on the cob, too.
Shane: Mexican pizza :la:

3. What is your favorite drink?

Lima: red wine.
Cassandra: Mr. Pibb. Sometimes a fresh crisp beer.
Maurice: Ice cold water.
Shane: Crisp Coca-Cola.

3. Do you have a favorite book?

Lima: I prefer to read cookbooks passed down through the generations in my family.
Cassandra: Comics. :aww: I like reading superhero issues like Batman, Superman, The Avengers, and sometimes Avengelyne.
Maurice: The only ever time I read anything with the least amount of interest was during school when I wanted to get by with a 2.5.

Shane: I prefer to read historical texts on my free time. Revolutionaries fascinate me.

4. Are you single or taken?

Lima: I'm single. Have been almost all my life. My last relationship did not end well.
Cassandra: Single, because of all these hideous burns. But I still have my style and charm going for me ;)
Maurice: Single, because if I get into a relationship, I have to reveal more than I want to.
Shane: The only woman I ever even flirted with was killed by the fungus.

5. What is your favorite thing or person?

Lima: The meals I cook make me the most proud.
Cassandra: My favorite thing since the fallout is Malcolm. He saved me from being burned on a cross. He said that kind of death would be too dignified for me, but I know he kinda likes me.
Maurice: Angel is nice...

Shane: My studies are fairly important to me. I have been told I make a very good doctor.

6. What is your least favorite thing or person?

Lima: I have to say that my least favorite thing or person died in the fallout.
Cassandra: The people who went completely socially backward and tied me up to a cross to burn me at the stake. I mean, jeeze! I'm glad I'm still here.
Maurice: It's a secret...
Shane: Uneducated people. Zombies... the war. I'm not a very complicated man.

7. Do you have a favorite animal?

Lima: Horses, sheep, cows...barnyard animals. :meow:
Cassandra: Pterodactyls B]
Maurice: Birds. Seagulls, crows, blackbirds...they remind me of my high school.

8. Do you have a favorite game?
Lima: I don't usually play games. I'm more of a study and work sort of person...
Cassandra: Eh...I like the Arkham games. I also like sidescroller fighters. :nod:
Maurice: Tetris, Pokemon, puzzles...turn-based... all I have is a classic 3DS.
Shane: Sometimes I play GTA with Peachy and the other gamers. It's a good way to relieve stress.

9. What do you consider your greatest skill?

Lima: My ability to cook :3
Cassandra: My ability to get any man in my net. ;D
Maurice: I'm on the football team...or was...that's kind of a big accomplishment.
Shane:  I have a natural gift for administering medicine and offering bedside manner.

10. Ignore number 10!

Me: don't tell me to ignore it when it's right in my face D:<

11. Say something to someone else in the Meme!

Me: Nope. :stare:

12. Where is your favorite place to go?

Lima: the kitchen :D
I used to really like going clubbing, hitting the bar, and crashing parties :( but since the fallout obviously there aren't enough people and there clearly isn't enough excitement for parties...
The locker room. I have my own stall in there so I feel pretty safe. :]
I like roaming the halls of the medical wing.

13. Do you have friends?

Lima: I think the other survivors think I'm their friends when I really just prefer quiet time >>
Cassandra: Malcolm is my friend, though he doesn't realize it :3
Maurice: Angel is my friend...I tend to make more enemies than friends though, not that they have any good reason to hate me.
Shane: I'm friends with the other Specter U survivors... it comes in handy to be pals with a doctor.

14. *glares*

Lima: rude.
Cassandra: Don't bring YOUR issues into this situation. It's already bad enough as it is.
Maurice: Nothing new.
Shane: I have a bat if you wanna cause trouble.


Lima: no...I prefer routine.
Cassandra: Sex.
touchdooowwn (:
tu madre es una puta gorda v_v

16. Your obsession?

Lima: Cooking, especially when I can take requests and improve
Cassandra: I've been told I'm obsessed with boys... but the truth is they're obsessed with me.
Maurice: Football has been my obsession since childhood.
Shane: Before I became Specter U's chief doctor of medicine, I played drums.

17. What kind of question is number 17?

Me: a listed one.

18. Free chat!

Me: chat requires a topic for me to be here. Ugh.

19. Characters, Do you want to hurt your owner for making you do this? Owner, What do you think of your characters response?

Lima: I wouldn't hurt anybody.
Cassandra: There's usually no reason to hurt somebody unless they try to steal your man :/
Maurice: I would never hurt a woman.
Shane: I am a doctor! I aim to heal. 8|!

20. Characters what do you think of your owner? Owner, what do you think of your characters?
Lima: If I found out I was a character in a story I would be really upset...why would anybody purposely write up my past?
Cassandra: If I found out I was a character in a story I would at least hope I end up with Malcolm :flirty: .
Maurice: If I found out I was a character in a story I'd hope that I made a difference to people like me in what I've done since the fallout.
Shane: If I found out I was a character in a story, I would accept my fate. So far, so good.

if you want art, leave a comment on my profile asking for it. I may just draw you something.

may does not mean I will.

Other ways to contact Rainbow-Acey
Facebook -
Steam -
Gaia -

It's currently summer vacation for Acey :meow: meaning point commissions, cash commissions, requests(from friends only), trades, and collabs(for memes only) and whatever else are open.


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ZackRiddler Featured By Owner May 18, 2015
Pew, pew, how are yoooou?
Rainbow-Acey Featured By Owner May 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey there :aww:
tired at the moment due to messed up sleeping schedule. Summer just started. >_o

I haven't heard from you in a long time :la: how are you?
ZackRiddler Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Woop woop, summmeeerrr! (It just started getting cold here, ugh)

Yeah I've been working a lot and doing crazy adult things that I'm still getting used to, woops >_>
I'm awesome thank you! Got any cool plans this summer?
Rainbow-Acey Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I forgot that our weather is the opposite :noes: also giant spiders. I am sorry for the giant spiders over there, wherever in there you may be. At least there's Natalie Tran?!
if you even know who that is

adult things...gross )8! I just got a college certificate in communication if that counts as an adult thing...otherwise I am unqualified for employment at even the lamest of places, pretty sad... still looking though, cause I need a summer job :stare: because without plans the people I live with would be upset at me. Being certified now certainly helps of course. But plans for the summer besides getting a job, and catching up on art projects I have severely neglected...and not getting sunburned. I live in the drought area of the US :dead:

...and apparently getting random comments from my favorite people at dA :dummy:
comments are my favorite :icongrinstareplz:
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PastorD4 Featured By Owner May 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thx for the llama
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